Cool Futures Hedge Fund

Hedging against the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. What if it’s wrong?

A hedge fund to take advantage of global cooling: How should I invest if I know the timing (soon), magnitude (significant), and sign (cooling) of the next major climate shift?

The theory of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming has distorted science, economics, finance, and government subsidies. Here is an opportunity to hedge against the carbon dioxide theory of global warming, and bet in favor of real science and low cost energy.

Pension funds, investment houses, and sophisticated investors can invest directly in the Hedge Fund by enquiring through the Fund Manager's website.

Smaller investors who can see the opportunity and benefits of a fund that does due diligence on climate predictions can get involved through the crowd funding mechanism.

Anyone needing assistance and technical support on conducting due diligence on the science, economics, and finance of global warming as applied to their organization's investment strategy can approach the Fund Manager.

The fund was initiated independently of us by someone who found out early about our research. David is a main scientific adviser to the Fund. We were offered a shareholding in the management company and accepted, and have discussed with the Fund ways to make money out of a falling global temperature and the failure of the manmade global warming meme.

James Delingpole amusingly wrote about the Fund here, then (not holding back) here.